Greetings and welcome to laimdad.com, the website of L. A. Imdad. Thanks for stopping by, if you’ve visited before you will notice that the website has undergone a huge change. That’s right, it has been totally redesigned. If you’ve a thought or two to share, click on the Contact page and complete the form. I’d love to hear from you.

You’ll also notice the Rantz Blog tab which contains short articles and shares from various sites I’ve come across. In 2014 I published Rainy Dayz – An Anthology of Poems . Aside from being available in Bangladesh, it can be purchased off Amazon.com.

Click on the About tab to learn more and click on the down arrow beside the About menu and it will drop down to reveal links to other websites I’ve an interest in or am related.

Please stop often to see the changes as they are implemented, until then many blessings.